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All HOLZ Pressers have the following features in common:
  • HOLZ Pressers are made of heat-treated special carbon steel
  • Very low spare parts requirement and long service life
    due to high quality raw materials and precise manufacturing
  • Simple fixing method with pin, block and tube or with the new QuickLock technology.
    Thus anexchange of the pressers is very easy. In the case of top driven flyers, the pressers can be exchanged even when the flyers are installed in the roving frame.
  • Exact weight. Thus, when exchanging the presser, the dynamic balancing of the flyer remains unchanged.
  • Different shapes/designs available
  • Tight weight tolerances ensure constant pressure
    and exchangeability of the presser without interfering with the dynamic balancing of the flyer
  • special anti-lint, anti-static surface finish
  • Constant distribution of weight in order to create optimum pressure contact, and continuous package density on the bobbin.
  • Also available for many other flyers -- not only original HOLZ

standard design.
Presser paddle in triangle/condensor design
-- reduction of hairiness approved.
Available for all HOLZ flyers and also for other brands

LCD (laser cut design) type presser paddle.
Combines the traditional handling with improved quality results, i.e reduction of hairiness.
Available for all HOLZ flyers and also for Howa, Toyoda, Marzoli/Rieter etc.
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