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  • Simplify your maintenance with our Washing Devices
  • Flyer tubes can be cleaned without wetting the roving frame
  • Easy to use
  • Best cleaning results by using hot water and high pressure

HOLZ "HOT CLEAN" Washing Devices H20/H25

H20 H25

H 20

Patented washing method for the cleaning of the stainless steel tube.
Especially firmly installed, top driven flyers can be cleaned efficiently in the frame, by using
  • hot water up to 80C
  • high pressure up to 7 bar
Very good cleaning results are guaranteed.
A closed cycle system of the water assures a perfect and dry working process.

Where to use this equipment
For the cleaning of flyers, especially for flyerswith cast-in roving guide tubes which arefirmly installed in the frames, no specific cleaning devices are available. Removable flyers can be cleaned in washingtanks, sometimes using ultrasonic waves. For the time being, firmly installed flyers can only be cleaned by pulling brushes or ribbons through the tube with a considerable manual effort, or by blowing rubber balls through the tubes in case of slighter clogging.

The flyer washing device is equipped with apressure pump and an electrical continuous-flow heater which heats the cleaning water up to approx. 85 C, then the water is lead via a pressure hose, safety pistol and spraying nozzle to the flyer. The cleaning water is recycled via a return pipe, a filter and a suction pump. The required fixtures are arranged on a mobile carriage which can be moved along the roving frame, and each spinning point can be reached via flexible pipes.

Cleaning Process
The basis is a pump which creates a high pressure, and which conveys the cleaningfluid. A flexible hose will be connected to the flyer at the roving exit. The conveyed fluid issprayed onto the inner surface of the flyervia a flexible nozzle which is put into the flyer entrance. With this continuous flowheated fluid in connection with the high pressure a maximum cleaning effect will beachieved. The flexible hose is connected to asuction pump which drains the fluid off theflyer, leading it via a filter for filtering outimpurities like fibers, etc.

Cleaning Detergent
We recommend our tested, phosphate-free, concentrated special cleaning detergent 1000 HDF, for excellent cleaning results, and with water softening properties.

H 25

The Universal Washing Device for all cleaning tasks in connection with the maintenance.
Cleaning of flyer tubes in the roving frame, or washing of bigger parts in the work shop.
  • adjustable washing temperature up to 100C
  • adjustable washing pressure up to 10 bar
assure perfect cleaning results for all parts, from the gear wheel to the aprons.
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